Educational Programs

Our Education Committee is developing exciting programs that will engage your students in hands-on learning experiences. We aim to link our current museum exhibits to relevant big ideas and specific expectations from the Ontario Curriculum.

Admission fee for classroom visits is $3 per student, and no charge for adults accompanying the students.

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Grade 1 + Grade 2

All Aboard! Take a trip back in time to visit Victoria County's railway heritage.

Your students will

· examine artefacts from Lindsay’s train era and engage in a hands-on experience with miniature train cars and track

· use a variety of materials to create individual train pictures and

· see video and share stories about rail adventures

This program is designed to be approximately 1.5 hours in length, but can be tailored to suit your time requirements. Students are divided into 3 groups and rotate through 3 stations.

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Grade 3 + Grade 4

The exhibits at the museum tell important stories about our area's history. Enrich your Arts Curriculum as your students engage with specific artefacts in our collection.

Your students will

· engage in a musical experience with individual ukuleles

· examine some 19th century sketches and be challenged to create their own

· participate in a dramatic role play in the cell block

· join their group in a scavenger hunt throughout the museum

This program is designed to be approximately 2 hours in length.
Students are divided into 4 groups and then rotate through 4 stations.


Grade 4 + GRADE 5

This area is rich in First Nations history. Give your students insight into local Anishinaabe culture, past and present.

Your students will

· explore how "we are all a treaty people”

· examine artefacts and reflect on the importance of archaeology in unearthing the past

· discuss the significance of wild rice to Indigenous people and identify the steps in harvesting and processing this life-giving food.

· recognize the profound significance of wampum to First Nations

This program is designed to be approximately 2 hours in length. Students are divided into 4 groups and rotate through 4 stations.


Curriculum Links

Grade 1

Curriculim Area: Science

Everything that happens is a result of using some form of energy. (Overall expectations 1, 2, 3) Specific Expectations: 3.1 and 3.4

Curriculim Area: Social Studies

STRAND B: The Local Community
B1. Application: describe some aspects of the interrelationship between people and the natural and build features of their community, with a focus on how the features of and services in the community meet people's needs
(FOCUS ON: Interrelationships)

Grade 2

Curriculim Area: Science

Energy; Structure and Function
Movement is a change in position of an object;
Simple machines help objects to move;
Mechanisms are made up of one or more simple machines (Overall expectations 1,2,3)
Specific Expectations: 2.2, 2.3, 3.3, 3.5

Curriculim Area: Social Studies

People and Environments
Natural Environments and Ways of Life
FOCUS ON: Interrelationships; Patterns and Trends B2.3 analyse and construct simple maps to determine and illustrate patterns in the interrelationship between the location of some communities and human activities in those communities.