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Located in a historic Gaol built in 1863, the Olde Gaol Museum is much more than a jail — full of fascinating stories and unique regional artifacts. The Victoria County Historical Society dates to 1957, when a group of citizens began collecting, preserving, and sharing the heritage of Lindsay and the surrounding townships. Following the closure of the County Gaol in 2003, the VCHS began redeveloping the unique space into a museum—the fourth home of the VCHS since its inception. The old gaol's doors reopened in 2011 as a museum dedicated to sharing community histories. 

The Victoria County Historical Society is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to increasing community awareness and appreciation of local heritage. It seeks to inspire and engage with the public through cultural exhibits, events, and partnerships within its community. Through its outreach initiatives, the VCHS features, celebrates, and shares local stories and how they connect to Canada's history.